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-ASC- Member ranks

Post by DJ Khalil on Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:31 am

GRADE         Abbreviation
E-1                       Rct - Recruit
E-2                       PVT - Private
E-3                       PFC - Private First Class
E-4                       SPC - Specialist
E-5                       CPL - Corporal
E-6                       SGT - Sergeant
E-7                       SFC - Sergeant First Class
E-8                       MSG - Master Sergeant
E-9                       1SG - First Sergeant
E-10                     CSM - Command Sergeant Major
E-11 (Special)      SMA - Sergeant Major Of The Army

W-1                      WO1 - Warrant Officer
W-2                      CW2 - Chief Warrant Officer 2
W-3                      CW3 - Chief Warrant Officer 3
W-4                      CW4 - Chief Warrant Officer 4
W-5                      CW5 - Chief Warrant Officer 5
O-1                      1LT - first  Lieutenant
O-2                       2LT - second Lieutenant
O-3                       Cpt - Captain
O-4                       Maj - Major
O-5                       LTC -Lieutenant Colonel
O-6                       COL - Colonel
O-7                       BG - Brigadier General
O-8                       MG - Major General
O-9                       LTG - Lieutenant General
O-10                     Gen - General
O-11 (Special)      GA - General of the Army
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